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About KOJA Industries Electrical Services & Installation

Since Hurricane Sandy, our company has shifted it’s core business slightly to include turn-key Standby Generator Systems. We have partnered with a local propane supplier so there are no hidden fees. This includes all of the necessary appurtenances including propane or natural gas installs as well as necessary landscaping or whatever else may be required.

Another large portion of our business is commercial maintenance and construction.

Our goal is to stay focused on customer service and satisfaction through routine maintenance. Our quick response times to emergency’s as well as average service calls put us ahead of the competition. In addition to our standard repair work, we perform monthly emergency light testing and repair as well as logging tests and preparing reports for fire officials.

Our commercial/industrial construction division is where we shine! Our competitive pricing and hard work ethic gives us a bit of an edge over our competitors. With 25 years in commercial, industrial and institutional construction,  our experience level is second to none.

We also have a temperature control and building automation division as well. We are on track with staying ahead of the competition in assisting designers with their installations. Our expertise allows us to work hand in hand with HVAC and Mechanical Contractors to make sure their temperature control needs are met.

Our commitment to safety is one of our biggest priorities. Our company-wide safety program is second to none. We don’t stop at basic weekly toolbox talks. We provide all of the necessary training as well as online safety webinars for all of our staff. Every employee possesses an OSHA 30 card at a minimum, but follows our safety program which far exceeds OSHA regulation.

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